We at South East Early Intervention are in awe of the generosity of the Moab community! Through Back of Beyond Bookstore’s annual Books for Tots program, we received 40 brand new books AND $400 to spend on books for toddlers throughout the year! This happy surprise comes as our program has been hard hit by the pandemic.

We work with the families of newborns and toddlers up to age 3 who have or are at risk for developmental disabilities. Through Zoom, we are able to help families with anything from issues with feeding, to prematurity, to behavior, to medical or physical problems. Our caseloads have dropped dramatically in the Grand, Carbon and Emery county area due to COVID-19, and we need referrals! Children can be referred to the program at www.seeip.com or calling 435-637-3950. Again, thank you to Moab and to Back of Beyond Books for the infusion of gifts and happiness for our small students!

Michelle Burton, PT, Moab program director

Tammy Allred, Price/Emery program director

Submitted by Audrey Graham with approval