These are the words of the Honorable Liz Cheney of Wyoming on Jan. 12, 2021: “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution. I will vote to impeach the President.”

What did Utah Congressman John Curtis say? Not much, except to suggest impeachment is politically motivated. Of course it is—impeachment is intended to cut out the cancer of fascism that has invaded the White House and to render it harmless. Impeachment will ensure that Trump will never hold office again and impeachment will help ensure that the American ideal of a working democracy is never again threatened by an evil, vile and venal individual like Trump. That’s as political as it gets and Congressman Curtis chose to support evil.

It is not just the January 6 assault on the United States Capitol, but the months leading up to the election in which Trump and his sycophants did their best to corrupt our sacred voting rights, and the two months since the election in which Trump and his minions wreaked havoc on election results and our country. Lie after lie after lie regarding the election results were made of nothing but thin air. Lie after lie after lie was repudiated by the courts, often by federal judges appointed by Trump. All a fantasy of lies to suggest that Trump had not lost the election. Lies conjured from nowhere and supported by not a shred of evidence. Did Congressman Curtis stand with justice to uphold the voting rights of millions of Americans? No, he stood with the lies. He chose silence; therefore, he is a supporter of the lies and he is a disgrace.

What could he possibly have been thinking as he decided to not vote for impeachment on Jan. 13, 2021? The congressman has assured himself an infamous place in history for supporting, twice, a fascist president who has spent four years attempting to overthrow our democracy and the Constitution of the United States. Congressman Curtis is now zero for two when it comes to supporting the Constitution, and two for two in favor of supporting a regime dedicated to ending American democracy. He has failed himself, the people whom he alleges to represent, and his country. What a fabulous legacy the Congressman has bequeathed to himself.

Congressman Curtis should resign and the sooner the better.

Terry Fisk


Editor’s note: Rep. John Curtis did not vote to impeach President Donald Trump. He also did not object to the certification of the 2020 presidential election electoral college votes.