In an attempt to avoid being labeled another NIMBY cranky neighbor, I would like to offer some solutions to the noisy ATV/UTV/Side-by-Side (insert whatever new name being used in this year’s improved marketing campaign) issue.

First, everyone knows these things are noisy. At 1:54, 2:04 and 2:05 p.m. they are driving past my house on Sunny Acres Lane as I write this letter today. I can hear the machines over the Browns Chiefs playoff game.

I doubt Moab alone can get the industry manufacturers to build these machines quieter (but please team up with other communities with the same complaints). Noise ordinances already exist (Chapter 17.74 NOISE-Moab, and Ordinance 602 2019 Grand County) that address these issues, yet complaints still persist. I can only conclude that enforcement is the issue.

How can we encourage better enforcement? Instead of yelling at law enforcement, let’s ask them what we can do to help. Maybe this has already been done, so let’s get them the help they asked for. Do they need decibel meters with recording and routine calibration features? Do they need a GoFundMe to purchase these? Have we been underfunding our police force? Are we talking to each other at the administration and enforcement level to coordinate better enforcement, but the public is unaware?

Let’s try all of the above to help our community become the place we want to live.

Dave Focardi


For more information on the Moab Police Department’s stance on UTV noise and its requests for equipment, see “A bigger slice of CARES,” Oct. 29, 2020 edition; “City council hears about police work on traffic, OHVs” Nov. 14, 2020 edition; or “Between a rock and a loud place,” Oct. 16, 2020 edition. -ed.