Kelley McInerney stands in front of the sticker vending machine as though she is buying a sticker.
Arts and Special Events Director Kelley McInerney in front of the sticker vending machine. Credit: Maggie McGuire/Moab Sun News

The Moab Arts and Recreation Center recently installed a sticker vending machine just outside the front doors that sells stickers made by local artists for a dollar a piece. 

Melisa Morgan, assistant arts director at the MARC, said she and Sascha Steinberg, who formerly worked at the MARC, came up with the idea last year. 

“I’d seen some vending machines for pins and small prints when I lived in Chicago and thought it could be a cool idea to incorporate something like that here at the MARC—a wacky way for rotating artists to interface with the public and get some strange stickers circulating in the local community,” Morgan said. 

Steinberg funded the machine out of her own pocket. Steinberg said she enjoys the project because it’s a way for the MARC and herself to support local artists—she buys the stickers from the artists, then keeps any profits from the machines. She’s hoping to install more sticker machines around town, she said. 

Any artists interested in selling stickers through the machine can email