Congratulations to the students of the month: seventh-grader Joley Phillips and eighth-grader Alana Torres!

Alana Torres Credit: Courtesy photo
Joley Phillips Credit: Courtesy photo

Joley is diligent in getting her work completed, she always asks clarifying questions when needed, she is kind to her peers, teachers, and staff, and always comes to class prepared and ready to work! Joley shows great character and is always helpful to others. In the Honor Society, she volunteers for everything and always puts in the work. She is enthusiastic and brings positivity wherever she goes. Joley’s favorite classes in school are band and art, and she has a twin sister and an older brother. She does ballet and horseback riding and loves to listen to music! Joley would like to learn how to skateboard and would like to travel to England someday. Her advice to others is: “Doing your best and working hard always pays off!”  

Alana is a friendly, hardworking, and a reliable student. She puts forth her best effort to understand the material and complete her assignments correctly. She makes sure to talk to her teachers if she misses school and gets what she needs to stay on top of her classes. Alana is kind and helpful to any students around her and she is a strong leader among her peers. She always has a smile on her face and never fails to greet others with it and a hello. Alana has a pet bunny named Pepper and wants to be a veterinarian when she is older. She likes to play a little softball and is shooting for a college scholarship in volleyball. Alana likes to get good grades because it will help later in life. She likes to cook and bake. Her advice to others? “Try your best because you will never know what will happen in the future!” 

Congratulations, Joley and Alana!