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Skate Moab is back with regularly scheduled skating events for adults and children with a fun, carefree atmosphere like no other.

“It’s just great to have a place that feels safe and inviting for people to gather again,” said Skate Moab organizer Erin Trim.

Trim said that getting back to physically gathering and moving with others is something that she and others involved with Skate Moab has looked forward to.

“The most exciting part is seeing people’s faces as we move our bodies,” she said. “We aim to create a space where there’s the opportunity to experience some joy, play and community. That’s what motivates us to do this.”

What started with a handful of loosely organized community skate nights and a haul of thrifted, second-hand skates to share has now morphed into a Moab staple.

For most Wednesdays through October, Skate Moab will offer Workshop Wednesdays with separate youth and adult group sessions for skating instruction from 6 to 8 p.m. Whether you’re a seasoned skater looking to sharpen your skills or a novice wanting some extra practice, the certified rollerblading instructors at Skate Moab will help you get on your feet.

“There are those moments when a kid learns something new or locks in a new skill, and you can see the moment when they get it. They feel so happy with themselves when they learn a new skill and have a newfound sense of confidence,” said Trim.

On the last Wednesday of each month, the group will host 18+ Disco Nights from 7 to 10 p.m. Families can come skate every Friday, with the final Fridays of each month free for locals. Attendees can rent skates — quad skates, inline skates or roller blades — or bring their own to the Old Spanish Trail Pavilion.

Skate Moab is also working with local DJs this year for Disco Nights, where skaters can rollerblade under strobing lights to their favorite music.

“I love when kids come to request a song. They’re so into it. And then when their song comes on, you can immediately tell who requested it,” said Trim.

Formerly all members of a roller derby team, the four core women who lead Skate Moab have developed a worker-owned cooperative model with an attitude of “the more, the merrier.” While the four meet regularly and make executive decisions together, volunteers and other skate enthusiasts also help the group organize and host events.

“We didn’t want something hierarchical. It was really important for us to maintain our joy and excitement for skating and not take that away with a rigid schedule,” said Trim.

The organizers — Jasmine Duncan, Xandra Odland, Jessica Dye, Kari Han and Trim — said that the structure is designed to preserve organizers’ joy and make administrative tasks and the drudgery of organizing into something enjoyable and sustainable.

Skate Moab is also considering switching to an L3C, a low-profit, community-minded classification.

“It really is a community-minded business, and we’re just happy to make enough money to keep it going. That’s really our goal,” said Trim.

The group has been enforcing local and state public health restrictions, so attendees must bring their own masks and stay distanced as much as possible.

With the summer approaching, Skate Moab looks forward to collaborating with community organizations for events and welcomes anyone who wants to help with organizing in exchange for free entry to events and workshops.

They will also be hosting Skate Camp this year — two week long sessions with half-days — on dates to be determined. Skate Moab has also acquired a mobile rink trailer, nicknamed “The People’s Rink,” which they’ll be rolling to Green River and Bluff soon.

“When I’m out there and looking around to make sure people are having a good time, I definitely see people fall. But I love when I see someone fall and get up laughing, because we’re all going to do it,” Trim said. “What’s really big for us is providing the opportunity to come skate. It’s an escape and entirely non-judgmental. Being available as a community-gathering space is important to us.”

To get involved with Skate Moab or see an updated list of events, call or text Erin Trim at 435-260-2034 or check Skate Moab’s Facebook page.