[Photo: Marina Stoye]

Moab resident Kay Stoye celebrated her 106th birthday on April 9. For the happy occasion, her two musical sons, Jim and Bill Stoye, serenaded her at her home at the Canyonlands Care Center.

“The family is celebrating being reunited after a year apart due to COVID-19, happy to be vaccinated and able to sing together in person again,” said granddaughter Marina Stoye.

Kay was born in 1915 in Modesto, California. When World War II broke out, Kay joined the war effort and graduated from the first class of the U.S. Coast Guard’s SPARs women’s division. The SPARs were created by the U.S. government in 1942 and authorized the acceptance of women as officers for the duration of the war plus six months. Kay served as a lieutenant and headed her own “company,” according to her family.

Toward the end of the war, she met her husband, Frederick G. Stoye. The couple moved to Moab around 1953 during the emerging uranium boom. Kay has now lived in Moab for more than 60 years.

Happy birthday, Kay! Moab is lucky to have you.