Rosee Thomas (Courtesy photo)

The seventh-grade student of the month is Daisy Han. Daisy was selected as the student of the month because of her hard work and engagement in our school. Daisy is a student who is committed to her work. She always tries her best on every assignment and her teachers report that she is often seen reaching out to her fellow students and offering to help them. Daisy is also committed to making our school an awesome place: she is on the Student Council and helps to plan fun events for the school to participate in. Daisy can be seen socializing with almost everyone. Her first name is Dae but she likes to go by her nickname, Daisy. Her favorite color is black and her favorite place is Las Vegas. Daisy likes to sing, sketch and draw. She likes to do sports like volleyball and running. Daisy’s advice to her classmates is: “Listen to what other people have to say.” Congratulations, Daisy, for showing what a Thunderbird truly looks like!

The eighth-grade student of the month is Rosee Thomas. Rosee is a model student in many respects and a great citizen. Rosee is very talented academically and her teachers appreciate her participation in class discussions since she can express herself with confidence. In her history class, she is able to analyze events by connecting different ideas and reaching her own conclusions. In English class, she is a very valuable editing partner who takes time to give her partners useful feedback. Rosee is instrumental on the varsity Quiz Bowl team. Thanks to her leadership, the team took first place at two out of the four tournaments this year. Rosee is a person of principle with a strong sense of who she is and what she believes. Rosee loves musical theatre and her favorite songs are “I Lost a Friend” by Finneas, “Rue” by Girl in Red, and “The Otherside” by Cam. Her favorite book is “Annie on My Mind” by Nancy Garden and her favorite show is “The Haunting of Bly Manor.” Rosee’s advice to her classmates is: “Don’t push yourself to your limit. Do your best, but put your mental, emotional, and physical health before your grades.” Congratulations, Rosee, for representing the academic and personal excellence that we strive for at GCMS.