Adaline Peterson hangs out with the flock of chickens during the Youth Garden Project’s Spring Break Camp in 2019. [Photo: Youth Garden Project]

The Youth Garden Project is teaming up with the Moab Valley Multicultural Center to

offer a week-long day camp Spring Break Camp during the upcoming vacation week from March 29 to April 2.

The two nonprofits are committed to serving youth and families in Moab. Partnering with MVMC allows YGP to use their space and personnel for the last hour of the camp day. Throughout the week, campers will explore the spring garden at the Youth Garden Project and participate in a wide variety of activities corresponding to each day’s theme.

YGP has hosted summer camps since 2010 and began offering a spring break version in 2014.

“Parents and families had expressed that there was a need for this camp and that they would be interested,” said YGP Youth Programs Director Julie Zender.

What started out as just a half-day program has since progressed into five full days — 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. — in partnership with the multicultural center.

“We realized that a half-day camp wasn’t the most helpful for families, so we wanted to extend it to a full day,” said Zender.

“The only way we could do that was by partnering with the multicultural center. Our camp fits with their mission and youth programming as well,” she continued.

Each of the five days has a theme that activities are planned and executed around. Monday’s theme is “Investigation Station,” Tuesday’s “Garden Magic,” Wednesday’s “Cooks and Books,” Thursday’s “Time Travelers” and Friday’s is “DJ Scientists.”

Zender encouraged interested parents to register for Spring Break Camp as soon as possible, as attendance is capped at 16 campers between first and sixth grades (and corresponding ages for students who are homeschooled). If the 16 spots are not filled, Zender mentioned that YGP might open up Spring Break Camp registration to kindergarteners.

The cost per camper is $130 for the whole week, including snacks and lunch. If needed, YGP offers a sliding scale rate — offered at rates of $30, $65 and $90 — for families who qualify for a scholarship.

“We definitely encourage families to apply for scholarships,” said Zender. “It’s very likely we won’t turn away a family who needs the help to come to camp.”

Zender looks forward to connecting with the campers, especially after Spring Break Camp had to be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns last year.

“After we’d been hosting Spring Break Camp for a few years, we realized that campers really enjoyed a sort of culmination of the week — having one thing to just like really look forward to,” Zender recalled. “Once we did a talent show at the end of the week, where kids got dressed up and did dance routines, or read poems from Shel Silverstein in funny accents and some little acting bits.”

Partnering with MVMC allows YGP instructors to rest during the last hour of the day, where kids will finish up their final activity and be picked up by parents at the multicultural center.

“The thing I’m looking forward to most is just partnering with the Multicultural Center again,” said Zender. “It’s just a great way for us to continue to partner and support each other because we all work with the same kids.”

Registration forms and scholarship applications for Spring Break Camp can be picked up at the Youth Garden Project office located at 530 S 400 E. You can also register your child online at The deadline for registration is March 24th. For additional questions, contact YGP’s Youth Programs Director by calling 435-259-BEAN or emailing