Hi, everyone! It’s Cosmo, the Library Cat. Have you ever wondered how the writers of your favorite books came up with their ideas? When you’re looking at pictures in books do you ever wish you could draw pictures like that? If so, you might want to check out a website I discovered recently, which you can access through the Grand County Public Library’s Digital Resources for Families webpage at

It’s the Authors Everywhere YouTube channel. The channel was created last year by children’s book author Susan Tan to help families who might be spending a lot of time at home. At the site, you can watch children’s book authors read from their books, get writing tips and try writing prompts they give you. There are also fun demonstrations from artists you can watch. For example, I watched a video where author and illustrator Nidhi Chanani demonstrated how to draw a cat. I was able to follow along and draw my own cat, although the cat I drew looked very different from me! I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent checking out Authors Everywhere. I’ve learned about writing and drawing and I also know more about who the authors and illustrators I like are!