Moab Regional Hospital

Moab Regional Hospital, a nonprofit critical access hospital, celebrated ten years of service to the Moab community on February 14.

“Like most ten-year-olds, the hospital has grown a lot in the last decade,” the hospital declared, pointing out an ongoing expansion that will increase the size of the institution’s family medicine department, urgent care and emergency room departments, operating rooms and specialty clinics and labs. Ground-breaking on the 30 million dollar expansion is scheduled for the late summer or early fall of 2021.

A separate building is also being built to house the hospital’s out-patient treatment services for those with substance-use disorders. Investment in treating alcohol and substance use disorders has been “a top community health need” as identified by community stakeholders, said hospital representatives.

Over the last ten years, Moab Regional Hospital has opened a walk-in urgent care clinic, grown the area’s mental health and addiction treatment services, brought visiting specialists to meet changing community needs and streamlined the financial aid process.

“In 2020, the hospital provided more than $3 million in uncompensated care to 2,535 patients,” the hospital reported. “Moab Regional Hospital is looking forward to meeting the challenges and opportunities of the next decade and is grateful to be able to continue to make a difference in the lives of community members, family members, and friends, every day.”