I was thrilled to read in this week’s paper that the City of Moab is now prioritizing water concerns. [See “A Thirsty Valley,” in our Jan. 7 edition. -ed.] The two counties and the towns located within this watershed can now follow suit. These concerns are just too important for us to ignore, as far as I’m concerned. We all need water.

We who live in the Moab and La Sal Mountains area are incredibly fortunate to have our very own water supply. However, we CANNOT take this situation for granted.

The whole American Southwest, and most of the West, really, is in a highly precarious situation in regards to water. There is no alternative water source for us. Therefore, I contend that tending to our own water situation, as soon as possible, will benefit each and every one of us.

We are already close, if not beyond, the usage dictated by the yearly recharge rate of our watershed. Let us budget our water before it gets any later.

I give special thanks to those who are leading the way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Water is life! Let us ensure ours.

Tatsy Guild