We live in Kayenta Heights, an area that is usually very quiet. Once in a while, a lost UTV driver comes up our street, but it is NOT a big problem in our subdivision. However, twice this fall I have been trying to conduct business with a local veterinarian on 300 South and I could not hear the person speaking to me from three feet away, nor could she or he hear me! This is an insult to both residents and to business owners. As I left the office, I noted that the dog park and the [charter] school are on this sometimes very noisy street. I think that besides creating an unhealthy condition for residents on this street, the distraction of very loud noise may also prevent children who are crossing 300 South from hearing directions and/or warnings from accompanying adults.

The city, county and state have a duty to protect the health and public welfare of their residents. That includes addressing the UTV noise in our residential and commercial neighborhoods.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important issue.

Very truly yours,

Marilyn Stolfa