America just won the election, rejoice! The voters of America just confirmed that a functional democracy has the power to shut down a rising dictator and demonstrated that we lead the world again by empowering our citizens to choose our own destiny. It is a time to hug and dance and hold hands and revel in the freedom of America! How lucky we are! Be proud! Next we must throw down our arms, set aside hate, fear and distrust, tear down the walls and come together again to work on policy. We will overcome COVID-19. We will overcome poverty. We will overcome racism. By moving forward as a nation we will create a world of economic and educational opportunities for ourselves and our children in an environment where we may all breathe freely. Our work will compete, succeed and be lauded on the world stage. These goals are attainable as we set aside differences and focus on commonalities. We must all stand by our principles while maintaining respect for the principles of our fellows. Most importantly, we must all be willing to compromise for the sake of maintaining our nation’s forward momentum. The world population is nearly eight billion now so we are no longer solitary ships in the night, we are collectively working to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to thrive. May we love each other and God bless us all!

Will Holoman

Castle Valley