The Utah Nurses Association expresses its sincere gratitude for the Governor’s mandated critical public health measures to immediately restrict the spread of COVID-19 in Utah. Restricting the virus’ spread decreases the number of COVID-19 positive cases that become ill and require hospitalization. This will lessen the shocking and unsustainable burden on our frontline nurses and healthcare teams in all care settings.

Remember that “number of available hospital and ICU beds” means a physical place for care, but more importantly, the right number of qualified, experienced nurses available to provide expert care for you, your loved ones and your friends.

The best way to honor and thank all Utah nurses is to do your part to stop this virus in its tracks! Wear your mask proudly, maintain physical distance from as many people as possible and do not gather even in small groups outside of your immediate family. Be kind and patient with all health care workers who risk their own well-being to make sure you have excellent care when you need it.

What the public chooses to do today and going forward can and will make a difference. Utah citizens are not powerless against COVID-19. UNA asks that the public act in solidarity with nurses all over the state to show gratitude and support for their expertise and selflessness in this challenging time.

Nurses care deeply about their patients and the general public’s health. That is why we are expecting all Utahns to strictly adhere to the Governor’s mandate to lessen the spread of infection and protect Utah’s nurses and healthcare teams.

Liz Close, PhD, RN

Executive director of the Utah Nurses Association