[Courtesy of GCHS Athletics]

Two-time state champion and three-time regional champion Kylah Ricks has run 30 races in her cross country career at Grand County High school, placing first 18 times, with seven second place and two third place finishes. Kylah has only placed lower than third place in three races and all three of those races have been at the BYU Autumn Classic against the best female runners in the state, 1A – 6A. She has never lost a region race; in fact, she has won every region race she has ever entered!

“A runner like Kylah comes along once in a generation,” said coach Randy Martin. “She has both the talent and the drive to always be the best.”

“Early in her sophomore year, she easily beat all the girls and almost all the boys during a practice. Afterward, I complimented her on the great workout and she said simply: ‘Coach, no more second place,’ a reference to her second place finish in the state championship race the year before,” said Martin.

“That’s Kylah: she always runs to win and second place is never good enough.”