I would like to voice my support of the Mill Creek parkway bike skills park. More initiatives to increase youth participation in enriching activities are needed in Moab, and I’m hopeful that this project will encourage more youth to spend time outside positively while connecting and exercising. As a local therapist who specializes in working with adolescents, I feel that the need for more accessible activities is sorely needed.

Despite our tremendous access to outdoor activities in the Moab area, many young people in our area have little opportunity to explore, and this is usually due to transportation, cost, or time. I feel that this park will meet the need for more beginner/entry-level terrain to help young people build skill sets and feel more empowered to participate. I’m really excited to see how this park unfolds and I’m very hopeful that it will be used positively by many youth and families in the community.

Stefanie Biron