As the father of two children who have grown up riding bikes in Moab and as the coach of the high school mountain bike team, I am excited to hear that there are plans to develop an area for young children to enjoy on bikes while developing their skills. I understand this area is grant-funded and to be developed with low speed, family-friendly use in mind. How perfectly consistent with our well-traveled pathway through town!

Our family uses the bike path on a daily basis for commuting, fitness and enjoyment. Being able to stop along the way with my eight-year-old to practice balance and bike control on safe and well thought-out features designed for skill development would only add to our path experience.

Cycling is an activity that brings with it a lifetime of fitness. Last year, there were almost 5,000 racers in Utah’s High School League. Many of those graduating last year will go on to ride in college…. many on scholarship! As a community, let’s work give our kids every opportunity to grow and develop in this sport.

Thanks to Grand County Active Trails and Transportation for working so hard to enhance the non-motorized use and enjoyment in our community!

Colin Topper

Father and Coach of the Red Devil Mountain Bike Team