Dear Editor:

Having the elderly couple fatally hit on the south end of Main Street makes a person hyper-aware of how many people actually cross the street, a highway at that, in that same area.

I drive through that end of town after dark several nights a week. The majority of the time there are jaywalkers. I’ve had to come to a sudden stop to avoid hitting people, as has my newly-driving child.

The necessary tools to effectively ensure your safe crossing have been installed a very short distance from that dark area. Now, how do we get people to incorporate it into their walking?

An accident with a pedestrian is devastating for the victim, the families, as well as the driver involved.

Perhaps police can station themselves in that area when foot traffic is high and issue citations to people crossing in that area. If people aren’t using good judgment that yields a safe crossing, this may be a time for a consequence other than being hit.

Sherri Chadd, Moab

Fatal collision, crash after police chase on Main Street