My wife and I urge you to proceed with your plans to develop a travel center in Moab Utah. Regardless of the resistance to your plans, the end result would benefit the residents of Grand and San Juan Counties.

We spend several months a year traveling in our motorhome and using your service centers, finding them clean and accommodating, truck drivers are always helpful when asked for assistance.

Spending much of our time each year in Moab, I feel we understand the need for such a center as yours. Protectionism for Moab from certain residents require them to enjoy gasoline prices as much as ninety cents more a gallon during peak season. This is a burden many of the residents can’t afford. Hopefully the gas companies are returning some of the profits obtained at the expense of the locals and tourists.

Rest facilities for the truck drivers are needed, if not just for the safety of the road. Shower facilities, along with food services not available in Moab, as there are no provisions to park the large rigs. Please proceed with this endeavor.


James Bessinger, Littleton, CO