Dear Editor:

San Juan County has proposed a Special Election in November 2019 to change the form of government from the current three commissioners.

The four possible forms of government are prescribed by Utah ordinance HB 224 (2018). 

The five residents proposing the change will appoint a committee recommending one of four allowed forms of county governments to San Juan County sometime in the future.  

Grand County was required by the state to change their form of government this year. San Juan County has no requirement to change their form of government. 

Grand County has spent tens of thousands of dollars to form a new government. San Juan County’s costs will far exceed Grand County’s costs as the special election in November will cost up to $20,000. Costs for the formation of the committee, and another possible special election is unknown, but will again be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

No reasons have been published why a change in form of government will benefit San Juan county. New voting districts will be subject to the same government restrictions as the current district. 

San Juan County is a poor county and has functioned as a commission form of government for many years. Five residents without public input will control all decisions.

Residents of San Juan County need to ask why the proposed election process was done without any public comments or review, and why they have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to meet the concerns of 5 people.

Bill Love

Pack Creek, San Juan County