Dear Editor:

I recently attended the public meetings on August 9 and 12 for our Study Committee for Grand County Change of Government. 

Over my nearly 20 years living in Moab, Utah, I’ve often attended City or County Council meetings when topics interest me.

I am so impressed by the cohesive, cooperative effort of professionalism exhibited by all members as this committee addresses our most important decision of presenting to voters how our county government will work.

Bravos to Judy Carmichael, Jeramy Day, Walt Dabney, Cricket Green, Bob Greenberg, Stephen Stocks (Chair), Marcy Till, Ruth Dillion, and Chris Baird. Their time commitment and attention to detail is extraordinary.

Please take your time as a voter in Grand County to educate yourself on the issues that this important committee have addressed and recommended for our upcoming vote.

Sincerely, with gratitude for our democracy,

Charlotte Mates

Moab, Utah