Wesley Patterson [Courtesy photo]

Wesley Patterson is the BEACON enrichment Student of the Month for January at Moab Charter School.

Wesley is always very helpful and makes very smart decisions, his teachers said.

“When another student is struggling in some way, he’s the first to lend a hand,” teachers said. “When Wesley makes a friend he sticks by that person no matter what. Wesley tries hard in all that he does.”

Wesley’s teachers say that if he doesn’t understand something he works on it until he can understand it. Then he is a pro at it! Wesley’s little brother looks up to him above anyone else and he’s always trying to be a good role model and set a good example for his brother.

Having some sort of responsibility or purpose is what drives him in life and keeps him focused. There aren’t many things Wesley can’t do.

“We are all very proud of Wesley and who he is and his mother is looking forward to the young man he will become,” his teachers said.