Omar Alhawari and Ayman Abu-Siam describe their restaurant as “Mediterranean with a Middle Eastern flair.” [Photo by Kevin Brydie]

Chicken shish kebab, falafel pita and Mediterranean steak are just a few of the dishes available at a new restaurant in Moab.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill, located at 574 N. Main St. (formerly La Hacienda Mexican restaurant) had a “soft opening” on Feb. 26 to reintroduce Moab to Mediterranean food, with an official grand opening planned for April.

Owners Omar Alhawari and Ayman Abu-Siam describe the restaurant as “Mediterranean with a Middle Eastern flair” and say that its menu items offer a “healthy alternative” for locals and tourists in Moab.

“We want to give Moab something different; a more diverse alternative to the current spate of traditional foods available in town,” they said.

Alhawari and Abu-Siam sought the help of chef Can “John” Alp, who also owns a Mediterranean restaurant in New Jersey, and often cooks in New York for several hotels, to bring the menu items to life.

Alp says that while the specialty kebabs (shrimp, chicken lamb and others) are a featured specialty item, hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, gyros and other traditional Mediterranean dishes such as lamb burgers as well as baklava (a sweet pastry dessert) are being served.

“There has only been one Mediterranean restaurant in Moab, so Alhawari and I decided that it would be a perfect fit for the diverse culture and tastes of Moab,” Abu-Siam said.

“It’s like inviting someone into your home,” Alhawari said. “You want to show them your foods, culture and show them the best time possible while staying with you. That’s what we would like to do here.”

Alhawari and Abu-Siam both agreed to change the name to “Sultan,” which means “king” in Middle Eastern culture.

“We wanted a name that not only reflected the our culture and foods but we also feel that with us leading the charge, in time there will be just as many Mediterranean restaurants as there are other restaurants in town,” Alhawari and Abu-Siam said. “We’ll be the ‘kings’ of Moab Mediterranean food.”

For more information, call the restaurant at 435-355-0700 or look for it on social media.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill features specialty kebabs, gyros and baklava