Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to The View column “ICE under scrutiny in Moab” by Steve Seats.

As an immigrant myself, but “legally” in the country, I have a very different view about this issue.

I do feel sad for the people taken from our community, but they were not abducted, they had broken the law and got caught.

The word “illegal” is not once mentioned in the write-up from Steve Seats. Instead, the Trump administration is blamed for laws which have been in place in the Bush and Obama administrations. Enforcing laws and protecting people from other people who are breaking them is necessary.

If people are drug-dealing, stealing or raping, you want the law to put them away. Now illegal immigrants are breaking the law; you want everybody to look the other way.

And yes, there is an extreme shortage of workforce in Moab, but that does not justify employing illegal immigrants and keeping the wages down. The growth of tourism and the shortage of workforce should have been addressed by the Moab and Grand County government years ago. Planning for affordable housing and adequate wages — instead of raking in big bucks for building permits for more hotels and resorts.

Dorina Krusemer-Manne