Dear Editor:

Thank you to Jim Hofmann for another excellent and insightful article (The View: “Without borders, we’re not a country”).

We need to remember that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are not monsters, but are simply doing their job. Their job is to enforce immigration laws which we all agree are lacking and in need of serious revision. That is the job of Congress which they have miserably failed to do. So we need to put pressure on Congress to do their job and legislate immigration law reform.

It is time to put aside petty political bickering and do what is right for Americans and those wanting to immigrate here. ICE and President Trump do not write the laws. Do not blame them. The people ICE came here for were “law-breakers.” Regardless of color, race, gender, citizenship or immigration status, do we want “law-breakers” roaming our community?

Dell A. Keys