September is National Workplace Bike Challenge month and the City of Moab has set up a team to participate. The community is invited to be part of the City’s team or establish teams for local businesses and join as a member. This is not a slickrock type of challenge – participants can ride as little as 10 minutes per week, or as many miles as they wish. All efforts will help their team. Local bike shops may also benefit because the national organization that sponsors the event, Love To Ride, purchases prizes from local bike shops in participating communities across the country.

“Riding a bicycle, even for only a short time each week, helps people stay fit while also reducing carbon emissions and helping save money on gasoline,” said Rosemarie Russo, Moab City sustainability director. She added, “If you haven’t been riding because your bike needs a repair, check out the new bike repair kit at Swanny Park.”

“Cycle September” is part of the May through September National Bike Challenge organized by Love to Ride. The City of Moab Team participated in the May Team Bike Challenge, resulting in estimated energy savings of $798 and a reduction of 3 metric tons of air pollution. The Moab Team winner in May received a local prize of a collapsible, waterproof, rechargeable solar lantern and carrier.  

Cycle September will also feature a variety of prizes given out by Love To Ride, including bike bags, trips to the Grand Canyon, bike shop gift certificates and a New Zealand vacation. Russo will also hold a local prize drawing on Oct. 1.

To participate in Cycle September, simply register on the website (enter your information or sign up through Facebook). Create your own team or under “Join a Team” enter City of Moab to join the city’s team.

Help the effort by riding at least 10 minutes per week and recruiting friends, businesses and customers to sign up.

Ride for National Workplace Bike Challenge