Dear Editor:

In response to Curtis Wells’ column for The View on April 19, it strikes me as ironic that while Mr. Wells calls, on the one hand, for civility and a “cessation of personal attacks,” he prefaces those remarks by referring to his critics as “The same old tribe of vocal vitriol spewers.”

As a part of that tribe I feel compelled to make a closer examination of his statements.

One of his complaints is focused on “inefficiency in county government” and how in 1992, (with the consent of the voters not just once but three times, he fails to mention) Grand County adopted a non-partisan government with a separation of legislative and administrative powers.

Huh, where have I seen that pesky separation of powers nonsense before? I might draw his attention to Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the United States Constitution.

He seems to imply that we would all be much better off if we would just quietly hand over the reins of power to him and his despotic cronies so they could form a strong ruling elite, deciding what is best for the county without the annoying interference of “the will of the people.”

Even the most casual glance at the history books will tell us that democracy is a murky and inefficient form of governing. It is designed that way.

Conversely, despotism is a highly efficient form of governing yet it consistently seems to neglect the will of the governed. You decide.

Mr. Wells goes on to complain about, “Habitual waves of tax increases and irresponsible spending of mineral lease money.”

The three things that statement bring to my mind are the aquatic center, the library, and the abundance of public art lining our streets and pathways. To me the three things that most make Moab a desirable place to live.

He goes on to attack his fellow Grand County Council members for a slew of shortcomings, the most telling of which is, “I witnessed little to no involvement with the legislator.”

Mr. Wells, it was you who was charged with being the liaison between the county and the state legislator. It was your job to keep the county informed as to the doings of said legislator, it was you who failed utterly and completely to do so in regards to HB 224. Not through simple, forgivable incompetence on your part, but due to dishonesty and underhanded trickery.

Wells claims to be “less concerned with partisan politics, term limits and recall provisions, than with proactive problem solving and accountability.”

It would be wonderful if Mr. Wells showed as much accountability to the voters of Grand County as he does to his political puppet masters in the state house!

I could go on and on dissecting line after line of this dripping, sophomoric hypocrisy but it’s making my head hurt, and in all honesty, you are probably smart enough to figure all these things out for yourself.

Thank you, and please remember to register and vote.

Steve Seats