Dear Editor:

Three times in the past 25 years Grand County has voted in favor of nonpartisan elections for county offices. These votes were not even close. In all three cases, our current nonpartisan form of government won by a large margin.

In last week’s paper, Lynn Jackson, vice-chair of the Grand County Republican Party, wrote, “It doesn’t matter what past voting in Grand County has shown regarding our form of government” (“Reality check,” April 5-11, 2018 Moab Sun News). Really? What Grand County voters want simply “doesn’t matter.” What arrogance! What you really mean is that it doesn’t matter to you and other Republican Party insiders: You think you know what is best for us. You don’t like nonpartisan, so therefore we should not have it?

Well, Lynn Jackson, here’s how many Grand County voters feel about partisan elections:

From here forward, we will not vote for partisan candidates selected by the local Republican Party. Your bad behavior will not be rewarded.