Dear Editor:

I disagree with Lynn Jackson’s opinions in last week’s paper. Jackson, vice-chair of the Grand County Republican Party, wrote that, “It doesn’t matter what past voting in Grand County has shown regarding our form of government.”

What does he mean by this?

Perhaps he is against all citizens being able to have a voice, and would prefer government run by a few Republican Party officers, such as himself.

Or, giving him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he means that it doesn’t matter because the state legislature has passed a poorly written bill that no longer allows Grand County to decide on the form of government best suited to it, like it or not.

The troubling part of this is that it appears that present or past officers of the Grand County Republican Party were integral in the creation of the part of the bill pertaining to Grand County, or at least fully in the loop as it progressed. I don’t know this for sure; there seems to be some secrecy around how the part of the bill pertaining to Grand County was created and evolved.

Jackson argues that anyone could have watched the bill progress. Sure, anyone could have kept track of that and the hundreds of other bills that are proposed in the legislature, and all of the little sections of each. There are committees created to follow bills on certain topics. One of our council members and past chair of the Grand County Republican Party, Curtis Wells, was on such a committee, but he didn’t let other Grand County Council members know about it until after the bill had passed.

Perhaps this is all legal, but it seems less than ethical. I urge Grand County voters to vote against unethical candidates.