Dear Editor,

At first, while reading the article, “Arches Nat’l Park entrance to get traffic signal” in the Jan. 12, 2017 edition of the Moab Sun News, I was thinking, “Oh terrific, yet another traffic light to stop at ☹.” But as I read on, I became convinced that UDOT’s installation of a “smart sensor” signal was a good idea, so that the lights only trigger for actual – and not phantom – traffic. At times, when leaving Arches, I have wished there was a traffic light so I could avoid the Russian roulette-like feeling one gets when pulling out onto southbound Highway 191.

I am grateful to the Moab Sun News for informing the community regarding the operation of the signal, and I look forward to future articles on the project’s progress. From all indications, the signal will improve safety and result in a better experience for park visitors, while posing only a minimal inconvenience to local commuters.