What a novel idea! Have the more affluent pay for someone else’s life choice (“Talking trash,” Jan. 19-25, 2017 Moab Sun News). I moved to Moab some years ago because it was the only place I could manage to buy a house I could afford to retire. And what happens? My property taxes are raised every year! And now you believe that I should also take on additional tax to pay for someone who decides to collect junk on their property. I am 91 and manage to maintain my property so I would hope that others would do the same. Renters don’t pay property tax as landlords take care of their trash. The “less well off,” as you put it, own property. If they want to trash it, then let them be responsible to pay for it – don’t ask me to help them. We have code enforcement in Moab and had they enforced these codes in the past, Moab wouldn’t be in this condition. So, based on your theory that the more affluent should pay for the less affluent, would you please come down from your very affluent neighborhood and take care of the leak in my roof? Don’t forget your wallet!