Dear Editor

I know this is a long shot, but on May 14, my family was involved in a car accident at the entrance of Arches National Park. My daughter passed away in the accident, but so many people in the city of Moab were out of their cars trying to do anything and everything they could to help. I’m trying to reach out to those amazing people and also the first responders that worked on my daughter. In moments of tragedy you don’t get to thank those incredible people who have helped. Also, I had an older woman who was wearing a white lacy shirt who held me and did her best to keep me calm as I was crying for my daughter. I would love to make contact with anyone who helped that tragic day. I know some people were probably just passing through, but the community of Moab is truly amazing. Our care and compassion we received at Moab Regional Hospital and by the community of Moab were nothing short of amazing. Thank you for wrapping your arms around this broken little family in our time of need. I can be reached on Facebook. Also, my address is 3610 Del Mar Court Killeen, TX 76549, and my phone number is 360-561-9387. God bless such a beautiful community. Thank you.

Holly Greening

Killeen, Texas