For the record, I am writing as a private citizen not a member of Moab City Council.

In regard to Mr. Jim Hofmann’s letter dated June 28, 2016 (It’s the 4th of July –Let Freedom Ring). Mr. Hofmann is a much more prolific contributor to our local publications than I, but it appears to me he’s relied on quotes by historical figures to fill space and use ink, even a mis-statement to incite and inflame (which Colorado high school was denied a Spirit Week……citing sources isn’t passé).

Is the United States utopia or any version of perfect, no one would say “yes”. Is it different than 1860 or 1960….yes. But I respectfully must disagree that our freedom is “fading fast.”

In 2016, in Moab, Utah, USA, I am free to pursue the career of my choice, not what my parents were or did. I was able to run for elected office as an ordinary citizen and a woman, not a member of the male aristocracy. I can own real property and I am NOT considered property or chattel. My vote counts the same as anyone’s. These are recently acquired freedoms.

I am free to worship at any church, temple, synagogue, mosque, tree, rock or river I choose. I can travel, pretty much at my leisure. I do have to have identification and a passport, (a passport wasn’t required until 1941 — Source: National Archives).

I still can choose who I marry and when, how many children to have or if I have any, who my friends are, the car I drive, the books I read — and I can even chose or not chose to carry a fire arm. Likely, you will not see me in a local establishment with one hanging off my belt, hidden under my coat or slung across my back — again, my choice.

This week, July 1-7, was proclaimed Independence Week by Mayor Dave Sakrison. There was no mention of offending anyone.

So here we are full circle. Mr. Hofmann is free to subscribe to, hold dear and tight to his ideas, theories and philosophies. I have the freedom to reject them as truth or fact.

In my mind the United States of America is still a beautiful, majestic, open, free country. I choose to live here. I am proud to be an American, regardless who our leaders are.

I don’t regret that America is my home. I’m sorry Mr. Hofmann finds it so disagreeable.

Tawny Knuteson-Boyd