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Jordyn Patterson and Emma Millis are Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month in Academics.

Jordyn is a seventh-grade student at GCMS. She is the daughter of Michelle and Logan Patterson.

Jordyn said she enjoys spending her free time outside and with her family. Her favorite color is blue. She loves going to visit her father in Las Vegas. She has played the viola for four years. Her favorite sport is bowling.

Her advice to others is, “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s OK to be different than everyone else. Always remember who you are and stay true to yourself.”

Emma is an eighth-grade student at GCMS. She is the daughter of Kristin Johnson and Bruce Millis.

She has a dream to go to Stanford University someday, and to become a surgeon. Her favorite flower is a tulip, her favorite song is “Pina Colada” and her favorite food is Indian cuisine. She admits that she has never been on a roller coaster.

Emma’s advice to others is, “Make sure you understand what you’re doing before you start.”