Colin Fryer (left), Norm Knapp and Jared Anderson celebrate at the Moab Chamber of Commerce's annual banquet last weekend, where Fryer was named Citizen of the Year. [Photo courtesy of Jodie Hugentobler]

The Moab Chamber of Commerce recently honored Red Cliffs Lodge owner Colin Fryer as its Citizen of the Year. “Colin understands business and what drives Moab’s economy and has proven to be an ardent advocate of Grand County, its progress, and its residents,” the Chamber’s declaration says. “He contributes many hours and resources to advance myriad keys to success of the city and county.” Besides being a successful businessman, Fryer is “down to earth” and lives a life of good values, the Chamber says. “He cares about people and provides opportunities for success to many. Colin has touched many lives by his example, advice, generosity, and unselfishness. He does not hesitate to help those in need and truly wants all in the Moab community to succeed.” [Photo courtesy of Jodie Hugentobler]