The League of Women Voters continues to be concerned about the high number of inactive voters on our rolls. Inactive voters do not receive a vote-by-mail ballot, and, as there is no longer voting at the polls, a person requires a mail-in-ballot to vote.

The vote-by-mail ballots were mailed Oct. 6 or 7. If you think you should have received one and did not, call the Grand County Clerk at 435-259-1321 to ask why.

You may still register to vote, or re-register if your voting status is inactive, and receive a ballot before the November 4 election.

If you have a Utah driver’s license or ID and the residence address on file with the Utah Driver License Division is the correct address, you may register on-line at (The address doesn’t have to be the one printed on the license; if you notified the DL Division of your change of address it should have been updated in the computer database.) You may register through until Oct. 28.

If you have a Utah driver’s license or ID and the residence address is incorrect, you may change it through the Utah Driver License Division website at Once this record is updated in its database, generally within 24 hours, you may access and register on-line there. You may register on-line through October 28.

If you do not have a Utah driver license or ID, or if you do not want to register or re-register online, contact the county clerk’s office to determine exactly what proof of residence documents you must present to them to register to vote. You may register at the county clerk’s office until October 27.

Please vote. Your ballot may be mailed (postmarked by November 3), or hand-carried to the Grand County Clerk’s Office.