Dear Editor,

I made up this Canyon Country Contract in the mid-90’s out of a concern that some visitors may not know the unique care that our fragile, desert environment needs.

Canyon Country contract

I promise:

to remember the beauty that brought me here & to help preserve & protect it by my actions;

to act, while here, like a caring visitor in the home of friends (the rocks, plants & animals included);

to learn, by asking & observing, the things I need to know to use this delicate, unique & holy place, and to teach them to others;

to camp, walk, ride, drive, paddle 7 move about in a kind, gentle & thoughtful manner;

to travel on rick, established roads & trails or in washes (the crypto soil & plants will thank you);

to take only pictures & memories and to leave no new scars, initials, waste of other inappropriate reminders of my time spend here.

– John Graham