Jim Lewis took first place in the men’s Elite category of the MRAC Attack Mini-Triathlon this fall. He now holds the record of 1 hour, 4 minutes and 33 seconds. [Photo courtesy Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center]

The Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center will hold its semi-annual MRAC ATTACK Mini-Triathlon at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 2. The community event is open to all and is intended to be both an individual self-challenge and a family participation event.

Last fall several families entered the race and it was great lesson in sportsmanship for the kids and a fun family bonding experience.

Each participant must bring a bicycle, helmet, swimsuit, towel, and proper footwear to compete. Each event combines a run, a bike ride, and a swim competition.

The most challenging competition of the event is the “Elite” category, which involves a 5K run, a 10-mile road or mountain bike ride, and a half-mile swim. Winners in the Spring 2012 MRAC Attack were Lauren Atkinson (1:21:24) and Brian Pierce (1:10:12) Winners in the Fall 2012 MRAC Attack were Danelle Ballengee (1:09:47) and Jim Lewis (1:04:33)

The shorter “Open” category consists of a one-mile run, a 5K mountain bike ride, and a 300-yard swim. Winners in the Spring 2012 MRAC Attack were Tia Shumway (31:07) and Tyler Moreau (29:12). Winners in the Fall 2012 MRAC Attack were Zhanna Rice (31:43) and David Spencer (25:41).

The “Youth” category, for those under age 12, features a half-mile run, a one-mile bike ride, and a 150-yard swim. Kids may use life jackets or kickboards if needed. Winners in the Spring MRAC Attack were Tava Walling (15:05) and Mason Flynn (12:48). Winners in the Fall 2012 MRAC Attack were Mary Kimmerle (10:49) and Chance Arbon (11:41).

The event is designed for athletes of all levels and awards will be given for the top five places in each of the three categories for both males and females. All participants will receive a Completion Certificate and all youth who do not receive an award for finishing in the top five will receive a participation ribbon.

Race registration, start, and finish lines for all three events will be at the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center, 374 Park Avenue, Moab.