Volunteers work on the Wahoo section of the Klonzo Bike Trail System. From left to right: Brian Lugers, John Grant and Ed Morandi. [Photo courtesy of Trail Mix]



The Klonzo Trail System is completed, open and packing 8.5 miles of flowing red dirt loops.

Designed for intermediate riders, the trails are a mix of both easier dirt and more challenging slick rock sections.

“You’re definitely going to have to pay attention” advised Sandy Freethey, chair of Trail Mix.

Trail Mix had extra volunteers on this project thanks to local businesses. Scott Newton, owner of Poison Spider Bicycles closed his shop for a week and paid his work crew to assist with trail building efforts, a three-year annual tradition for Newton.

Rim Tours provided volunteers on Dec. 18 to complete the work, and has provided vans when needed and other assistance throughout the year.

“The gift of volunteers is usually an end of season deal, when the employees are available” Freethey said.

Klonzo is accessed by the Willow Springs Road north of Moab off Highway 191. It is one of several new trails to be built in a ‘bicycle focus’ area referred to in the 2008 Bureau of Land Management Resource Management Plan.

It is approximately one mile past the Sovereign Trailhead. Trail Mix has put up signs for the different trails within the Klonzo Trail System: Dunestone, Borderline, Secret Passage, Cross Canyon, Bookdocks, Snippet and Wahoo.

Because the Willow Springs Road crosses Courthouse Wash, it may occasionally be impassable due to deep sand or flash floods. The Grand County Road Department maintains Willow Springs Road intermittently. It was open as of Dec. 21.

Trail Mix is a committee sponsored by Grand County. Meetings and membership are open to the public. The committee works to preserve and develop the individual trails and pathways that will grow into an integrated network and “thereby help to provide safe, convenient, and enjoyable recreation and transportation for all trail users throughout Grand County.”

“We go out on trail work 98 percent of the time. If it is raining or snowing, that is not good and we usually cancel if those conditions are likely to persist. If it is a temporary condition we go. We like it to be above 20 degrees when we meet for the work day, with a probability that temps will go up to at least 35 degrees that day. Heat doesn’t stop us either, we just go early, freeze water, and come home early,” Freethey said.

Trail Mix calls their trail building days as “work parties”. They provide training, gloves, tools, snacks, camaraderie and fun.

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