Sunday the First Annual Christmas Concert of Carols and Caroling was held at the Moab Community Church. There were many talented instrumentalists, singers and soloists leading the event. But through it all it was really only one voice. The variety musical rhythms came from as far away as West Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Appalachia. But really, it was only one song. The music spanned several centuries from as far back as the 1600s to almost the current day. But really, it was timeless. The beauty and power of the melodies stirred the hearts and souls of all who were there to listen. The choir and musicians united as one to lift the spirits of all, in one voice.

The audience represented many local churches. There were probably a few in the audience who belong to no church. It was a diverse crowd. But really, in the end, it was one song, one voice, and one community rising up joyously, praising the one God, the one Savior and celebrating the birth of the King of Kings who invites all to become part of the “choir”.

I am so grateful that so many individuals with such diverse talents took the time and effort to bring us all together.

You are more than welcome to open your heart and mind and become part of one voice. You are invited any time, 365/24/7 to join the “choir”. Friends and neighbors you don’t even know are waiting to hear your voice.

In one voice, all who attended the concert say to you, “Merry Christmas” in the truest sense of those words.

Respectfully submitted by:

James A. Hofmann