Cosmo photoshopped into a body of water.

Hello friends! It’s Cosmo, professional library cat and amateur scientist. Last month, the Grand County Public Library had a special STEAM storyhour and it was so much fun that we’ve decided to do another one! Our next STEAM storyhour will be on Friday, Feb. 24 at 6:30 p.m.  

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. At this event, we’ll be doing a little of each! We’re calling it “Splishy Splashy Science” and we’re going to explore the properties of water–how it acts, what it does, and why!

We’ll start with the story “Water Can Be . . . ,” by Laura Purdie Salas, which uses beautiful illustrations and fun rhymes to talk about many of the things water can do. After that, we’ll have hands-on experiments and a science craft that adults and kids of all ages can do. As a cat, my curiosity about water is purely intellectual. I like to think about it, I like to look at it and drink it, I even like to dip my paws into it occasionally. And for you, my friends, I’ll even pose in a puddle once in a while. But, if I’m around when you do the experiments, I’m hoping you will not splash water on me. 

This story hour is geared towards kids ages 3 to 10, along with their caregivers, but all ages are welcome. We’ll be in the library’s large meeting room, and as always, this event is totally free. I hope to see you there! Now I’d better go find my galoshes.