Three cheers for Katia Ordonez and Chaney Edwards, named this month’s students of the month at Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School. 

MLH staff says that seventh-grader Katia Ordonez is independent, confident, and positive. She is helpful and kind to other students and the teachers. Even though she is quiet, she is always willing to participate in class and provides great insight into the topic her classes are learning about. Katia participates in Strings class and teachers report that she is making “much progress with her instrument!” Katia’s favorite color is white, she likes animals, and plays soccer at home. Her advice to her classmates is: “Whatever you want to try, you can achieve!”

Eighth-grader Chaney Edwards is valued by staff for her generosity and thoughtfulness. Teachers report that she takes her work seriously, asks insightful questions and is confident enough to share her opinion and point of view. Chaney has three sisters, two brothers, and two nieces. She is musical and loves to sing and play the clarinet and guitar. She also kickboxes! Chaney’s advice to others is: “Try your best, work hard, never rest, and be the best person you can be!”  

Congrats, Katia & Chaney!