On Jan. 3, new elected county officials were sworn in and attended the first Grand County Commission meeting of the year. Commissioners Mike McCurdy and Bill Winfield took the vacated seats of former commissioners Josie Kovash and Sarah Stock (both of whom were appointed to their positions), and County Attorney Stephen Stocks took the seat of former county attorney Christina Sloan.

Early in the meeting commissioners reassigned roles for serving on various boards and committees: over 50 bodies include a Grand County commissioner as a voting or non-voting representative or liaison, including the Grand County Planning Commission, the Airport Board, EMS Special Service District Board, Trail Mix and the Motorized Trails Advisory Committee.

McCurdy took on the roles on the Canyonlands Natural History Association Board, the Special Events Advisory Committee, the Travel Council Advisory Board, the Recreation Special Service District Board and the Old Spanish Trail Advisory Committee.

Winfield took on positions on the Governor’s Catastrophic Wildfire Initiative (a body which meets as-needed), the Airport Board, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Arches Special Service District Board, the Utah Association of Counties, the Audit Committee, the Budget Advisory Board, the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments and the Tripartite Association of Governments.

Winfield also expressed an interest in taking on the role of liaison to the Planning Commission, citing his decades of experience as a contractor; however, Commissioner Trisha Hedin wanted to retain her position on the planning commission, and a straw poll of the county commissioners indicated that most commissioners supported keeping Hedin in the role.