[Nick Eason]

Moab birders will gather in teams for the 123rd Audubon Society-sponsored Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, Dec. 17. The Audubon Society began the Christmas count in part to replace annual shooting competitions held in the 1800s where hunters tried to shoot as many birds as possible. 

“The impact of Covid 19 during the last two years caused the CBC to be reduced to only a few participants,” local organizers wrote in a release. “However, this year, [in] the Moab area’s 38th count, participants will be searching every bush, tree, field and cliff in a 15 mile circle.”

Birding teams spend most of the day in the field recording species and bird tallies. 

“Each team hopes for rare birds to appear in its section, but the common winter birds are the norm,” the release noted.

To participate, contact Marcy Hafner at 259-6197 or marcymoab@yahoo.com. Participants don’t need to be experts—novices are placed with seasoned birders and all are welcome. To find out about Moab Bird Club meetings and activities, contact Nick or Marian Eason at 435-259-6447.