Cosmo is laying on a bookshelf above the photo taker; he looks sleepy and content.

Meow and good day friends. Cosmo the library cat, here. In honor of the holiday you humans call “Thanksgiving,” I decided to make a list of things I am grateful for at the Grand County Public Library.  I’m such a lucky guy, the list got kinda long, so I’ll just share my top five.

Catnip: I’m so grateful to have an awesome source for fresh, locally-grown catnip! Almost every morning my librarians sprinkle a little in my picnic spot in the back room for me to roll around in. Sheer bliss! 

Sun beams: Few things are more soothing than dozing in a nice warm patch of sun, particularly this time of year, and I highly recommend it. Especially after a little catnip. 

Cat books of all kinds: It’s good to be reminded that cats and literature go hand in paw, and there are thousands of books about cats to choose from at our library. Among my current favorites are “Why Cats Paint” featuring splendid works of art by my talented feline brethren. Then there’s the delightful Mrs. Murphy mystery series by Rita Mae Brown, co-authored by her cat Sneaky-Pie Brown. For kids we mustn’t forget the charming Pete the Cat picture books, and Erin Hunter’s Warriors series is some of the most exciting cat literature out there! 

Naps: Ask any cat and they’ll agree: Frequent naps are of paramount importance to a positive mental outlook, and I’m fortunate to have some lovely napping spots throughout the library.  I’ve got a fleecy custom-made bed in the back room where I can keep a close eye on the librarians working there. I’m also lucky to have my very own chair for dozing at the Teen desk, where I like to help keep the space safe and welcoming for young humans. Although they do get a bit, um, exuberant at times, I can always find another quiet corner. Which brings me to my current favorite napping spot: the pile of newspapers in the Periodicals area. The newspapers have a pleasant, crinkly springiness that I find most relaxing. Plus, I can catch the occasional headline. 

You, my library friends and admirers: You all make me feel like a rock star every day. Thanks for all the love and chin-scratches, the kind words and treats! I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest cat in the world, and I love you, too! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! See you in the library!