Election results from Grand County show the power of a vote in a small community, with just a few ballots making the difference in races.

County Attorney: Stephen Stocks
In an upset, challenger Stephen Stocks will become Grand County attorney, unseating incumbent Christina Sloan by 645 votes (2535 votes to Sloan’s 1890).

Commission At-Large: Bill Winfield
Bill Winfield won the contest for at-large county commission seat. Winfield took just below 52% of the vote, with 2292 votes to Emily Campbell’s 2136.

Commission, District 4: Mary McGann
Mary McGann looks to have fought off challenger Lori McFarland for her District 4 commission seat by just 45 votes (500 McGann to 455 McFarland).

Commission, District 5: Mike McCurdy
In District 5, Mike McCurdy will take the commission seat after garnering 577 votes to Steve Getz 391.

Grand County Sheriff: Jamison Wiggins
Jamison Wiggins will be the next Grand County Sheriff after the departure of current sheriff Steve White. Wiggins took 2383 votes to Curt Brewer’s 1970.

Moab Valley Fire District: Charlie Harrison
Charlie Harrison fended off a challenge for his Moab Valley Fire District seat from Sam Van Wetter, taking over 70% of the votes.

Grand County Clerk & Grand County School Board
Grand County Clerk Gabriel Woytek and Grand County School Board members Katherine Williams and Deeray Wardle all ran unopposed.

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