Cosmo, a handsome tuxedo cat, lays on a desk in the library.

♫♫ Do Re Meow Fa So La Ti….Meow!!!!

Hello friends, it’s Cosmo the Library Cat. Our next Musical Story Hour, a collaboration between Grand County Public Library and the Moab Music Festival, is coming up and I wanted to invite you all! 

Join us on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 10:30 a.m. at Old City Park. We’ll see a performance of “The Child Who Went to the Zoo – the Re-Wilding Musical,” written by musician, teacher, and author Dick Bozung (also known as Frog to longtime Moabites).

Frog has dedicated the past 40 years of his life to simplifying music-making for everyone. He has extensive music teaching experience through the South Carolina Artist-in-the-Schools Program and is currently the music teacher at St. Augustine Public Montessori School in Florida. He is the author of “Magical Musical Spiraled Seashell and Friends,” and “The Child Who Spoke with the Earth.” 

“The Child Who Went to the Zoo” is a musical story for all ages with improvisational musical accompaniment by the audience. Audience members will be provided with easy-to-play Freenotes musical instruments so they can participate in the musical and play along! Unfortunately, I will not be able to contribute my own musical talents to this story hour, as I am busy keeping an eye on things here at the library. But I’m sure you’ll all do just fine, even without my amazing sense of rhythm to guide you!

Have extra fun for me while you’re there, and be sure to tell the ducks and geese at the park that their friend Cosmo says hello. I have been doing musical scales to keep my voice tip top so imagine me singing this last line to you in the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat: “Come to the story hour, it is always free! You’ll see a really fun show, but you won’t see me!” Meow for now!