Cosmo photoshopped onto a pool flamingo

Hello everyone, it’s Cosmo the library cat here! There’s a common misconception that cats don’t like to swim. I sometimes like to swim and I have a mean kitty-paddle technique. I tend to avoid swimming pools because the chlorinated water turns my beautiful black fur a funny green color. However, I know most humans don’t have to worry about this and love to go swimming, especially when it’s hot. With this in mind, on Friday, June 10, Grand County Public Library is partnering with the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center to offer free swimming from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the MRAC (374 N. Park Avenue, Moab) for people of all ages who register for our 2022 Oceans of Possibilities Summer Challenges! 

Starting at 1:30 p.m., library staff will have tables set up at the MRAC for you to pick up your free swimming tickets. You can register beforehand by going to, or our staff can help you register when you arrive. In case you haven’t swum at the MRAC before, I suggest looking at their website for rules and policies. Here’s a couple of good ideas I saw when I checked it out: Bring your own pool chairs, because sometimes there are not enough to go around, and remember to bring your own towels. I hear people like to play swimming games like Marco Polo, or Sharks and Minnows, which sounds more like lunch to me. Also, I hear they have a water slide, which sounds very exciting! Let me know if you try it.

Meow and goodbye for now, friends. Stay cool out there!