Over the past year, Grand County planning officials have been working on revising the county’s General Plan, a document that outlines the present and future needs of the county. Several public engagement events were held, surveys were conducted, and drafts of the plan have been available online; a public comment period was open from May 3-11. At their May 17 meeting, commissioners unanimously approved repealing the old general plan, which was written in 2012, and replacing it with the new plan, which is drafted to cover up to 2030.

The General Plan is used to guide decisions about land development, land use, public safety, parks and recreation, infrastructure, finances, sustainability, the environment, and social and economic issues. It aligns community conditions, state laws, and up-to-date planning concepts and approaches.

The plan is organized into fifteen sections that provide a roadmap for more detailed future planning. 

Planning and Zoning Director John Guenther explained that specific plans within the overarching plan are still under construction. The land use section will be completely updated and changed, he said. County staff are also working on a Transportation Master Plan, a Capital Improvement Plan, an Economic Development Master Plan, and a public engagement strategy.

“It’s not a perfect document—obviously it’s got lots of gaps in it,” Guenther said. “The implementation will be very important.”

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